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Adam Sandler classics ‘Billy Madison’ & ‘Happy Gilmore’ are next to be funko’d!

Today Funko just announced two new additiona to thir already thriving bundle of collectible. Comedian Adam Sandler’s two most popular characters are coming to a Funko shelf near you and are available for pre order now!

That’s right, “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants.” Fans of comedy and Adam Sandler can rejoice to see their favorite Billy Madison characters in Pop! form. Bring home a Pop! Penguin with a cocktail, Pop! Billy Madison, Pop! Billy Madison in Bath, and Pop! Danny McGrath.

Not only Billy Madison , but now Happy Gilmore will be coming soon to the Funko roster as well!

Check our a first look below!

A Pop! Billy Madison with bag lunch will be available as a Target exclusive.

As for the billy Madison set, get ready to see a dual pack as well as a chase within the series.

Bob Barker/Happy Dual Pack

A limited Chubbs chase will also be available.

So which one(s) will you be collecting CritiX!? Let us know in the comments.

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