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Avatar 2 is still not done filming but fans can check out new set photo released online!

The long awaited

is still shooting. But director

‘s long-delayed sequel appears to be wrapping up quite nicely!

‘s official Twitter account shared a photo of one of the film’s massive sets to mark the end of live-action filming for the year. (See, it’s not all CGI!) The first sequel (of four to come, which the first two are being shot simultaneously) will explore the oceans of the moon Pandora, and the set photo shows off a craft called the Sea Dragon, described as “a massive mothership that carries an array of other sea-going craft.”

This isn’t the very first peek that we’ve receive from the one of four upcoming sequels. Back in October, the franchise’s Twitter account shared another set photo, featuring director Cameron filming what looks to be some sort of sea-based disaster.

Avatar 2 is

on Dec. 18, 2021, after many, many postponed release dates. Original cast members


, and

, among others, will be returning, with


, and

joining the cast.


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