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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

This upcoming season of Gotham is said to be its 5th and final season to hit Fox next year. With that a lot of speculations have arise about whether or not we would see young Bruce become The batman. Well we can't answer that. However, we can promise that the latest in established story arcs that will be blessing the small screen along side villains like, The Penguin and Edward Enigma is none other than the Bat breaker himself, Bane!

Bane will be played by former heart throbe of the early 2000s Shane West [Whatever it Takes]. Below is the first image shared. It shows West in full bane costume and in action. We honestly are not sure what in the hell is going on with this look but we hope this is just a VERY, VERY early stage in the venom transformation.

In the comics, Bane was a prisoner at a very young age, who once was older became a test subject for a mysterious drug known as 'Venom' which transformed him into a gigantic monster of rage giving him extraordinary strength. He would have to take doses every 12 hours in order to avoid side effects, but this ability was able to at one point aid him in breaking the back of Millionaire and Villgilante Bruce Wayne aka The Batman. See the story Knightfall in DC comics for full story arc.

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