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Benedict Cumberbatch in talks to play Hades in Disney’s Live-Action ‘Hercules’ Remake. reports, Disney is currently working its way through its animated back catalogue and remaking them in live-action. One project that we’ve heard is in development is a Hercules reimagining, based on the 1997 movie about the Greek hero.

This comes after the news that Alexander Skarsgard was in the running to play the demi-god himself. But what would Hercules be without his nemesis, his evil uncle Hades? James Woods memorably brought the flame-haired devil to life in the cartoon, so Disney will have to find a charismatic actor to take over for the live-action version. And they might have found a good fit in the form of Doctor Strange‘s Benedict Cumberbatch.

We’ve been informed by our sources – the same ones who revealed an Aladdin sequel is happening, and that a Ms. Marvel show is in the works, both of which have since been confirmed – that he’s on the studio’s wishlist for the role of the villain. Of course, just because he’s on a wishlist doesn’t mean he’ll end up with the part, and he may not even be aware that he’s being eyed, but our sources are confident that he’s at least one of the actors that Disney is considering.

If the notion of Cumberbatch playing the Lord of the Underworld sounds familiar though, that’s because a rumor was going around last month that claimed the British star was set to portray the villain. The same rumor also pointed to Trevor Donovan competing for the title role. This info turned out to be onto something yesterday, too, when Donovan let slip that he “kinda sorta” is up for the part but that he’s “not supposed to say anything.”

It’s unclear whether the Sherlock actor has got as far along the process as Donovan has, though it seems unlikely, as Disney would no doubt lock down the central role first before moving on to the supporting cast. Like we said above, it’s possible that Cumberbatch’s involvement is only an internal thing at the moment and they’ve yet to reach out to him. In any case, it’s hugely exciting to hear that he may land the role as he’d be absolutely perfect for it.

For now, we’ll just have to sit tight and see what direction they end up going in, but while we wait for more news on Hercules, the Mouse House already has a few more remakes lined up. Lady and the Tramp is coming to Disney Plus this November and Mulan will be released theatrically next March.


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