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#C2E2 '22: Rosario Dawson Confirms 'The Punisher' Series Will Also Return!?

During her Spotlight Panel at this years C2E2 In Chicago, Actress Rosario Dawson may have let a little bit of Marvel/ Disney+ news slip.

Dawson revealed she heard yesterday that "The Punisher was happening again". She also hopes to return as her "Night Nurse" persona, because the John Bernthal lead show was the only Marvel/Netflix series that she wasn't a part of.

Check out her own words below:

This all comes after the hype once Charlie Cox (Daredevil) popped up in Spider-Man: Now Way Home and was announced that Cox would also be returning to small screen in not only the Disney+ She-Hulk Series, but also in his own stand alone titled Daredevil: Born Again. Fans began to speculate that others Marvel series from the Netflix/Marvel collaboration would return as well, but no real confirmation has come forward until today.

What do you all think? Is The Punisher really returning and do you think the other Defenders will return as well?

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