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“Clerks III” Synopsis Revealed As It Gears Up For Production This Summer!

Not only have we learned via Deadline, that Lionsgate acquired worldwide rights to Kevin Smith’s Clerks III, which is currently in pre-production in New Jersey and will begin production in August 2021, but we also have a solid synopsis of what exactly our favorite slacker convenient store clerks from Jerset will be up to.

The screenplay, written by Smith, will see all major cast members reprise their roles: Jeff Anderson as Randal, Brian O’Halloran as Dante, Jay Mewes as Jay, Smith as Silent Bob, and Rosario Dawson as Becky. The film will be produced by Liz Destro and Jordan Monsanto And of course directed by Kevin himself!

In Clerks III, following a massive heart attack, Randal enlists fellow clerks Dante, Elias, Jay, and Silent Bob to make a movie immortalizing his life at the convenience store that started it all.

Smith said,

“There’s a saying from the Tao that goes something like ‘To be great is to go on. To go on is to go far. To go far is to return.’ Thanks to Lionsgate, we get to return to where it all started with almost the whole cast that started it all! And for the first time since the first time we ever made a movie in 1993, we’re shooting the entire flick on location in New Jersey, as an ode to both the enduring allure of cinema and the resourcefulness and lunacy of its storytellers. Years ago, Dante and Randal made me a filmmaker – so now it’s time I return the favor.”

Smith’s Clerks III will be one of many films set within the same universe, which includes the original 1994 movie, which turns 27 this year, 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2006’s Clerks II, and 2019’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. On July 23, Smith premieres Masters Of The Universe: Revelation on Netflix.

Are you excited to see the Clerks story continue on!?? Let us know in the comment.


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