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Chris Rock’s ‘Saw’ Reboot Has Finished Filming.

Two months after the announcement of its filming, the saw reboot headed by Chris Rock and directed by Darren Bousman has finished filming.

The revelation was made by Bousman himself via twitter with a caption simply stating “That’s a wrap”.

The saw reboot was initially announced back in May along with news that Chris Rock will be taking the reigns as the new writer for the reboot.

It is currently unknown if the upcoming Saw will tie into the previous films. The new Saw will follow Chris Rock’s character Zeke as he investigates a series of murders eerily similar to the crimes of Jigsaw.

Samuel L Jackson will also star in the upcoming Saw playing Zeke’s father. Now that filming is completed trailers and photos should begin to surface giving us a look into Rocks vision for Saw.


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