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Creator Of Netflix's The Toys That Made Us/Movies That Made Us Brian Volk-Weiss Talks Nacelle Co.

For the many living under a rock The Nacelle Company has been under the radar producing some of the catchiest forms of popular culture content since 2017 and is continuing to grow alongside of studio giants like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and more!

We here at CritiX Media had that opportunity to have a brief sit down with the King of nerd & fandom TV (The name we at dubbed Volk-Weiss with) along with our partner, toy expect and custom toy creator Mayhem Maddness.

Volk-Weiss, creator of Netflix's The Toys That Made Us, The Movies That Made Us and Disney+'s Behind The Attraction has not only produced for sake of fandom and nostalgia, no, Brian and team are also in the space of producing mainstream comedy stand-ups including the likes of Jeff Gaffigan, Gary Owen and Bill Bellamy. And now, Nacelle is celebrating the renewal of seasons 5 & 6 of their latest long form series A Toy Store Near You, which follows the life in times of local toy stores around the world in an unscripted fashion. So as you can see the team is busy.

During our interview Vol-Weiss talks about what he believes the the effect of the pandemic has had on the "mom and pop" toy and comic shops around the worlds. He also shares his beliefs about the change in toy demand especially where most toy companies appear to have pulled back on the assembly line, not producing as much playsets as they did, say back in the 80' and 90's.

"I don't think the toys have changed. No offense to any of us , but I think that we have changed. Like to your point about Bravestar, if that show premiered today, exactly the way it did when you were a kid, I mean you would turn it off in seconds. You've changed, I've changed."

Brian says.

He then continues.

"When you're little you don't have credit card debt, you don t have to worry about a mortgage or rent. So of course everything seems great. Now, we got real responsibilities so it makes the world look different to our brains and that's why its easy to say, all these new toys suck."

Volk-Weiss also talked about the "Made Us" (ie The Toys that Made Us) series assuring us that although he had to be vague, fans can expect a lot more in the series in the near future!

You can watch the full interview with Brain Volk-Weiss, Mayhem Maddness and myself here:

Check out the full roaster of programing from the NACELLE COMPANY here.

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