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G.I. Joe Classified Series Storm Shadow [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

So I'm not a huge G.I Joe fan. I had some GI Joes here and there as a kid but wasn't a mega fan like some people are. What I did always like though was Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. I thought those 2's story an fights were interesting and that's why I had to jump on the G.I Joe Classified Series Storm Shadow. This figure bring it back to that retro look that i remember all those years back but now in 6 inch scale and without a rubber band holding together the lower half ( I hated that). Let's jump right into this guy!

Storm Shadow's real name is Thomas S. Arashikage, a Japanese American that served in the US Army's special forces along side Snake Eyes. They trained together an have went from enemies to best friends throughout their times knowing each other.

Straight out the box this figure brings back that feeling I think we have been missing with toys since the late 90s. I know all my late 80s, early 90s babies can feel me on this. Hasbro seems to lock it down when it comes to anything they put out that has to do with G.I Joe. (I bet there's a few old school collectors working there that had a STOPPID OG collection) The classic costume looks amazing on this figure. I'll say it again A-MAZING! The cut off sleeves, (& my guy flexing them guns too, they made this the 80s Venice beach golds gym edition) wrapped lower legs with the American Ninja shoes (some will get that). This figure just comes together great.

If you know me articulation isn't really a big thing to me but I'll give you a quick run down. We get butterfly joints on the arms that make this figure really enjoyable to pose. I was having a lot of fun just seeing how this guy an move. The legs have that drop down feature that can put him in some pretty dope fighting poses. Ab crunch, double jointed elbows, all that good stuff you get with your Hasbro figures. You won't be disappointed in this guy! Trust me.

Accessories? Yeah Hasbro hooked ya boy Tommy up! We get a tactical bow with a set of arrows and a loose arrow that clips onto the bow. Straight styling on em! We also get a Hood to go with this costume for a more covert concealing look, so any one that does dio pics can have my guy looking like he about to jux some an skate out of there unseen...but then again a all white ninja in the G.I. Joe world really narrows it down to only a few people but you get what I mean. 2 katanas and sheaths as it wouldn't be Storm Shadow without them. I'm telling you, I'm not a big joe guy but I HAD to have this guy.

Now if I had to say some stuff that I feel was left out I'd have to start with the hands. On a figure this fire we only got one set which is a lil disappointing. A pair of fisted hands on A already decked out figure?? Ssheeeeiit! (Clay Davis voice). Throw those in there and a pair of palming hands like the Marvel Legends retro Shang chi, call it a deluxe release an watch them fly off shelves. That would have been something special. Not saying what we have isn't but I feel this Storm Shadow deserved to have all the stops pulled out on this guy. As long as I'm on a roll I may add a unmasked head sculpt of Tommy would have been MONEY as well. A dope head-sculpt, nice sculpted hair, again DELUXE RELEASE! G.I Joe fans would have been praising Hasbro for years to come! That would have been inked in the greatest figure release archives but hey, what we got is great.

This figure is a MUST for any G.I. Joe fan, anybody who just like ninja figures, anybody that wasn't a huge fan of G.I Joe then saw the movie, really enjoyed the first one went back to watch Retaliation, (SPOILER) seen that Duke died and the other joes an was PISSED, I mean like almost walked out the theater pissed cause they rock with Channing Tatum ever since Supercross and Fighting but said hey, I paid for the ticket an popcorn I ain't that dumb an watched it...Bottom line this is a figure you want in your collection. Shout out to Hasbro on this one.


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