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Extraction 2 Is In The Works By The Russo Brothers.

Updated: May 6, 2020

The follow up to the Netflix sensation Extraction is on its way as AGBO the production company owned by The Russo brothers recently closed a deal to start development of a sequel t. As of now a script is needed to start and Joe Russo was charged to pen the new script for Extraction 2.

“The deal is closed for me to write Extraction 2, and we are in the formative stages of what the story can be. We’re not committing to whether that story goes forward or backward in time. We left a big loose ending that leaves question marks for the audience.”

With the loose ending it seems a sequel was always in the cards for The Russo Brothers. As of now there is no word if Sam Hargrave will return as director or if Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role, as these deals won’t be made until Netflix has a script in hand. Given the success of Extraction being Netflix’s highest rated feature film ever with it projected to be watched by 90 million households over the next month it is highly likely that all parties will return for a second go around.


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