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‘Gargoyles’ creator encourages fans to help campaign a reboot of the series via Twitter!

The new Disney+ Streaming service has got Gargoyle fans ready for more. As in rebooting the series!

Only it’s not just the fans who what to see a Gargoyles return but on Tuesday afternoon, Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman took to the social network to formally endorse #KeepBingingGargoyles, a movement in hopes of sparking a fire at Disney for a revival. As Weisman points out, a similar social media campaign is what eventually brought back Young Justice, another show he helped create and actively develops.

"We [can] Live Again!," Weisman tweeted. "#KeepBingingGargoyles on #DisneyPlus!! This is exactly how the #YoungJustice fandom brought YJ back. It can happen to #Gargoyles too!"

It’s been reported by that Weisman isn't the only Gargoyles alum wanting to see the show return. They had spoken with Keith David — the voice behind Gargoyles lead Goliath — earlier this year, and he admitted he'd love for nothing more than to return to a revival.

"You know, those of us who were involved from the beginning... I've always wondered why they stopped it in the first place,"

David said. Then he floated the idea of a possible reboot, saying he'd love to return and voice Goliath. "[We've wondered] why we haven't come back to a reboot," the actor asks. "I mean, I would love nothing more than to revisit Goliath."

The show initially ran for 65 episodes before a non-canon spinoff — The Goliath Chronicles — was ordered, all in the mid to late 1990s. Disney eventually yanked the plug on the show because of plummeting ratings. All three seasons of Gargoyles can now be streamed on Disney+.

So what do you all think? Are you ready for a Gargoyles reboot or continuation?? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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