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‘Home Alone’ is being eyed for a reboot on Disney+!

During an earnings call with investors on Tuesday, Disney chief Robert Iger announced that the studio is developing reboots/re-imaginings of family-friendly hits such as Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Cheaper by the Dozen for its forthcoming streaming service Disney+.

As far as these development projects go, Collider reports that the reimagining of Home Alone, which could turn the tables and follow a husband and wife who go to war with a young boy who has stolen something from them, rather than the original premise of a young boy who goes to war with a pair of inept thieves looking to rob his house.

Word on the street is that Borat scribe Dan Mazer is the top choice to direct, and Melissa McCarthy is being eyed to star, but it also sounds like everything is still up in the air, and the studio hasn’t settled on a direction just yet. Besides, it’ll all come down to who is cast as the boy at the center of the story, and the truth is that there just aren’t a ton of Macaulay Culkin-level talents running around Hollywood these days, though I was certainly impressed by Julia Butters‘ breakout turn as Leonardo DiCaprio‘s precocious young co-star in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood.

The other properties on the docket make sense for Disney+ as the streaming service sets out to make a name for itself. The Night at the Museum franchise grossed nearly 1.5 billion worldwide, while the Wimpy Kid movies took in nearly $300 million worldwide, so each child-friendly property has a strong fanbase that, in theory, would follow those titles to Disney’s new streaming service. Even the two Cheaper by the Dozen movies grossed over $300 million, and I could see Disney assembling a young, fun, diverse cast for that film, depending on how the studio chooses to ‘reimagine’ that title.

How do you feel about the abundance of reboots? Are you thrilled about a Home Alone reboot? Or how about a Cheaper By The Doze reboot? Let us know what you think in the comments CritiX!


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