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Hulu's Woke Season 2 Explores The Responsibility Of Being A Social Activist In Todays Society!

It was during the pandemic and the social meltdown of 2020 when Hulu decided to release a bold new comedy created, based on, Executive Produced by Cartoonist Keith Knight. During the height of the social justice stance of BLM (Black Lives Matter) amid George Floyd's murder, came an unlikely, yet hilarious take on a real situation, which had occurred in the life of Knight.

Woke Season one explains the situation in which the character Keef (Lamorne Morris) a fictional version of the real life knight, is mistaken as a perpetrator by police and publicly humiliated, handcuffed, slammed to the ground and detained for no reason at all. This sparks internal trauma within Keef as he has now become "Awoken" to the bullshit of society. Now, his own artwork, Advertisement murals and inanimate objects begin to literally speak to Keef, opening his mind even further.

The series returns for a season two April 8th, 2022 and this time around Keef is speaking out more and living life less light and pushing to make a difference in his community no matter how silly things get along the way. Oh, and he's still talking to inanimate things as well.

Also returning to the cause is Actor/Comedians Blake Anderson (Workaholics), T.Murph and Sasheer Zamata (SNL). The three attempt to assist Keef in making change all while dealing with their own internal growth spurts throughout the season. Also added to the mix is Aimee Garcia (Dexter, Lucifer), who brings a nice texture to the Woke canvas.

We spoke with Woke stars Lamorne, T.Murph and Blake about their characters returning and also the responsibilities Keef will endure while becoming an actual voice in his community.

But rather than read about It from us, check out our interview with the cast below As they tell us where their characters are going in Woke season 2!

Where Are They Now?

The Responsibility Of An Activist

Stay tuned for Part 3 & 4 coming as the series airs. Don't miss the premiere of Woke season 2 streaming only on Hulu this Friday April 8th!


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