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Film: I feel Pretty Starring: Amy Schumer, Rory Scovel, Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps, Aidy Bryant, Tom Hopper Director: Abby Kohn, Mark Silverstein Review: Klep Napier Rating: 3.5X's out of 5X's These days it's not easy to be everyone's cup of tea, especially for comedian #AmySchumer, but don't go all hate mode before you attempt to purchase a ticket. I Feel Pretty turns out to be very beautiful. Directed by Abby Kohn and Mark Silverstien, the female/male perspective shines well through this story about Renee Barrett, a woman with severe insecurities about herself, who takes a nasty fall and wakes up thinking she's one of the most beautiful woman ever.

What makes this film magical is that we get to see a side of Amy that you can empathize with for real. Although meant to be a comedy, you can not help but fall for her performance throughout. You will frown at her insecure weakest points and you will laugh and clap during her confident and strongest moments. Schumer portrays the perfect girl in this film and likely the everyday girl you know well. Unfortunately, the trailer and marketing we've seen do this film no justice. Self-love and girl power are the messages, and that does not come across too well from what we've seen thus far trailer wise. A #ShallowHal reboot is not what I Feel Pretty is. There were many supporting cast members who also keep this story enjoyable such as #MichelleWilliams, whose CEO, fashionista portrayal, and voice acting become more tolerable as the movie goes on. You'll adjust more and more through every laugh. The male lead, #RoryScovel, couldn't have been a more perfect casting in this film. His humble personality matches Amy's on-screen insecurities making these two a believable ensemble who you'll want to win together. Let's not forget this is a comedy and most things will feel a bit forced for the sake of a laugh, but the overall message is realistic and charming. We do recommend that fans or otherwise give this one a fair go before judgement. Lady's leave the hubby at home and call this a girls night out.

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