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Film: Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle Starring: Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson, Kevin hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Director: Jake Kasdan Rating: 3X's out of 5X's No B.S., Jumanji is a lot of fun! Picking up where the original board game was abandoned, a group of teenagers more unlikely to ever be caught dead hanging out with one another, all share a common afternoon in detention. While facing repercussions, they discover a mysterious old school video gaming system with a cartridge inserted titled Jumanji. The magic happens and the 4 individuals find themselves not so much themselves when they are sucked into the gaming system and transformed into the form of the avatars they chose at the beginning of the game.

If you've seen the trailer a thousand times like we have then you already know what happens thus far, but what you don't know is how much comedic charm flows throughout this film. Did we try to not like this one? I have to be honest we did. But it was the comedic timing not only of #DwayneJohnson and #KevinHart but the comedic commitment of one #JackBlack and co star #guardiansofthegalaxy's #KarenGillan that kept us chuckling throughout. Jack Black was behaving as a 16 year old teenaged girl for 2 hours, and nailing it! Just let that sink in. #Nickjonas is another cool addition keeping the cast relevant while fun and whose character serves the story very well. The villain? A little more creepier and a lot less Elmer Fudd-ish, with probably less amount of screen time 🤔. Either way, hate on this one all you want people but the truth of the matter is this film is just as silly if not equally ridiculous as its original. The only difference is there isn't a #robinwilliams to justify its behavior #rip . But the film delivers enough where children could be satisfied enough to claim this as their own classic as we once did with the original.


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