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Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell Return In 'Good Burger 2' On Paramount Plus!

Recognizable IP (Intellectual property) is the name of the game in todays Hollywood. With countless reboots, remakes, and sequels, to some of the most well know television and movie properties, Hollywood appears to have lost its flare.

But now, with the return of The Pink Ladies, Blues Clues and even YO' Mtv Raps just to name a few, it appears that Paramount Plus is cashing in on the idea of what once was beloved will always be loved. This time they could be right!

Long time comedy friends Kenan Thompson (SNL) and Kel Mitchell (All That) took to their social media accounts to please their fans with a special announcement.

"Welcome back to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"

Thats right, earlier this morning the two Nickelodeon alumni announced that they will both return as Dexter and Ed in the up coming Paramount Plus original movie "Good Burger 2"

Check it out below:

No official released date details have been announce but we will be following ang keeping you up to date as more develops.

The original Good Burger was released in theaters back in 1997. It starred Thompson, Mitchell and a slew of 'All That' cast members in the vain of SNL skit turned theatrical spin-off. At the height of the Nickelodeon Studios, the film went on to gross over $23 Million at the box office on a $8 million budget.

How excited are you to return to Good Burger?


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