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Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive Dr. Strange [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

We gonna jump right into this one. The Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive Dr Strange. Ever since the Hasbro Pulse Fan First event, where the Hasbro team showed we were getting a comic version of the sorcerer supreme himself Dr. Steven Strange, I really wanted to get this in hand. Mainly because this would be my first comic version Strange I can add to my collection.

Dr Steven Strange made his debut in Strange Tales #110. Right out the packaging this guy was worth the excitement! The paint applications are super clean. Hasbro made sure they gave use that classic look spot on especially with the gloves. We get 2 additional head scuplts plus the one he comes with which is a HUGE plus. One sculpt we get has Strange's eyes closed that you can use in some good meditation/powerful spell conjuring poses and the other is the blue masked head Strange used to conceal his identity that debuted in Doctor Strange #117. We also get a pair of alternate hands. One fisted and the other is a hand to hold accessories. This was a lil disappointing. This pair I feel would have worked better if Hasbro gave the matches to these hands. One full set of fisted hands and one full set of accessories holders, especially if you wanted to have Strange battling it out with someone displayed, the fisted hands would have been a great addition. However, Hasbro made up for this with 2 more accessories. We get a battle axe and a magic staff an these are great additions to this figure. Really nice paint applied to these an the black wash brings out the detail in both of these accessories.

With all this that Hasbro gave us, this brings me to the downside (at least for me) the cape. The cape is overbearing on this figure. We get some cool texture on it but this thing is BIG. Especially with trying to put Strange in poses its just too much. Something more sleek would have worked better with this version of Strange. With all we got from this figure it should have been a exclusive deluxe release an given a soft wired cape but that's just wishful thinking. If you don't want to get any poses out of it an its just a straight put on the shelve display piece.

This figure will work poses an movements, but for me, the cape made that difficult. In the end I guess it comes down to preference. Hasbro was spot on capturing the classic Dr. Strange and this is a must have figure for completing and adding to your comic version display. What do you think of the new Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive Dr. Strange?

-Mayhem Maddness


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