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McFarlane Toys Batman Rebirth [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

I have been waiting for this Rebirth Batman to release. When we got the announcement from McFarlane Toys we were getting Batman from the Rebirth series from @tomking_tk I NEEDED to get my hands on this guy.

Let's get that straight. I LOVE all the Batmen in the line, so out the box this is the one that will add versatility to your Batman display. Batman is sleek and smooth. The body mold on this guy has to be one of my favorites out the line. I've always loved the iteration of this costume. In the community there's been word of that the head sculpt is a bit on the small side but if you step back an look at the figure as a whole you see it looks great!

The paint applications are well applied and I have to say I love the purple inside the figure's cape. We get a lot of texture on Batman's cape. Speaking of the capes, Mc Farlane Toys always does their thing and its definitely shows here.

Accessories: We get a trusty Bata-rang and his grappling. Again this is the time when less is better plays its part. If there were anything we would want to have as an accessory, we could have used another set of hands. Throughout the Rebirth comic series, batman is in a lot of different poses and movements I really would have recreated in photos therefore alternate hands would have helped out a lot with that.

Overall if you want that versatility to your display and looking for a "I'm not a bodybuilder but I eat my veggies, drink my protein shakes and mediate" Batman, This is the one! Shout out to @toddmcfarlane and @mcfarlane_toys_official for this GREAT figure!

-Mayhem Maddness


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