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Mcfarlane toys Dc Multiverse Future State Bruce Wayne Batman [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Let's jump right into this. When McFarlane Toys jumped into these Batman figures they did a full on Canon Ball in that pool. Right here we get our first iteration of a Future State Batman Figure and it looks GREAT.

Future State Bruce Wayne made his debut in Dark Nights: Death Metal #7. McFarlane Toys captured the look of this Batman really well. We get a lot of detailed sculpt on this mold. The belt, body armor and helmet all look great. Some dry brushing would have made the little detail in these added pieces shine a little more and look more rugged for this Batman, but its ok here.

The trench coat was a nice touch on Batman. The creases and folds give it a realistic look and we get some grey drying here that give it the look of leather. McFarlane also added some thigh cuts to this guy that makes for some more articulation in Batman. This is good but I get the feeling we may see a vehicle in this Batman's Future State. (See what I did there?? lol)

Articulation else where is the standard McFarlane Toys. We also get one accessory added. Batman comes with a sort of grappling hook attached to some rope which looks pretty cool. It plays into his "DIY-ish" Batman theme that he has going. Straight black, again some dry brushing would have done it some justice but I don't complain about these things when we are already given great sculpt work on these figures. If I had to say one thing it would be that I HOPE we see Peacemaker-01 sometime down the line so we can display him with this Batman. Another Great figure from Todd McFarlane and the McFarlane Toys Team and one every Batman collector should grab.

-Mayhem Maddness


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