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McFarlane Toys Death Metal Superman [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

This one dropped a while back so we're going to jump right into it. Death Metal Superman made his first appearance in Dark Nights: Death Metal #3. This Version of the Man Of Steel was held captive by Dark Father (Darkseid Batman) using a machine that blasted different shades of kryptonite from the dark multiverse onto superman weakening him allowing the Anti-Life equation to take effect.

This figure was the one! This was the figure wave that made me know Todd McFarlane wasn't playing. There are so many action figures I know I would love to see in Toy form an when he brought out Death Metal Superman, I knew exactly where his mind was at.

This figure is AMAZING! we get Superman ripped straight from the pages of Dark Nights. The sculpt of this figure is made very well. We get these chains that are additional pieces rather than sculpted onto the body. The ripped rags that hang off are a great substitute for Superman cape (Least for me). A black wash applied to these pieces could have really brought out the small details an that one missing thing but by no way a deal breaker.

The boots are a favorite of mine. The high death metal rock look works for Clark. The right arm shows the Anti-life taking over Superman's body an we get that in this figure. The grayish rocky infection brings this figure to the next level. Again a small black wash would have worked wonders! (Come on McFarlane) Not a problem though. We get 2 additional grabbing and for each arm and I forgot about the best part, Kal-el is rocking his House of El branded Brass Knuckles! Another very nice touch McFarlane Toys was able to add to this figure.

If I would have to play devils advocate for this Superman I would say that the face sculpt could have used jus a lil more love. The face look a little chubby here. Now the Man Of Steel may have been force fed some kryptonite Twinkies while being held prisoner without getting his weekly cardio in, that's cool, but just the fact that we were able to get a figure I thought we would NEVER GET as a action figure, I'm not going to make too many complaints.

Death Metal Superman is a figure that you must have in your collection. McFarlane Toys knocked it out the park with this one.


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