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Movie Pass is back!

Do you all remember movie pass? The monthly subscription that originally allowed its customers to use a mobile app to reserve and view one movie per day for the cost of $30 per month? It would later on drop its prices as low as $10 per month. That eventually caused strain in the company.

If you don’t remember when it started way back in 2011, maybe you’ll remember when it failed and shut down back 2019. Allow us to refresh your memory about the rise fall and potential rebirth of Movie pass.

For a little while, Movie Pass had the hearts of true movie goers by replacing the routine of big spending during each movie theater visit and cutting down the amount of cost to as low as $10 per month. With that fee, you were allowed to attend one movie per day. To the average movie goer, that sounds like the greatest deal ever but for the company, the question remained, how does the company profit off of buying advanced seating for consumers. An even bigger question was, how does it benefit the overall agenda. Movie Pass alone could not simply survive of monthly subscriptions. That eventually pushed the company to file for bankruptcy in early 2020.

Now, it appears that the there is a comeback in play for the mobile app. MoviePass will reopen on Thursday August 25 with a new tiered pricing system ranging between $10, $20, or $30 a month. A waiting list will also be posted at 9am ET where customers who wish to join a beta version of the app can sign up early.

On the site there is a waiting list timer which explains “when the timer hits :00 the waiting list will remain open for 5 days” Any who who makes the list will get “priority access” to the service along with 10 friend invite because space will be limited.

We will have more details on this as the days come. In the mean time let us know, are you excited for the return of Movie Pass?

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