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NECA The Terminator T-800 [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

So I have been slacking a little and for that I'm sorry, but there's no better figure to hop back on and talk about other than the Neca The Terminator T-800.

Now a lot of people don't know, but if you put up ANY movie and ask me if it's better than 1984 The Terminator or 1991 T2 Judgement Day I'll ALWAYS pick the The Terminator franchise. Those are my number 1 favorite movies to date.

Straight out the package the T-800 is FIRE! Neca capture the look of the Terminator perfectly in the clothing sculpt as well as the amazing paint applications. A favorite detail of mine is the chain added to the left arm straight out the movie. The head sculpt we get that comes on Arnold is REAL NICE! We get a 2 alternate heads sculpts, one battle damaged and the other with no eyebrows taken from when Arnold was barbecued by Kyle's explosion.

As for weapons we get Arnold's scoped desert eagle, machine gun and shotgun. Just enough weapons in my opinion and they pose great with him. I remember watching loving the scene when the T-800 is repairing his damaged arm and Neca threw that in as a accessory along with the surgery plyers.

With all the added accessories that this figure comes with you can pose this guy and have him looking like a BEAST weather it by in a T1 and T2 collaborative collection or just him by himself. I HIGHLY recommend this figure to any action figure collector. I'll also be reviewing the Neca Police Station Assault T-800 coming really soon so "I'LL BE BACK!" (I know that was corny but I had to do it.)


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