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Netflix Leading The Way For Both Film and TV At This Years Golden Globe Awards.

In a revelation that my change the landscape of television and film a streaming service is leading both film and television nominations at this years Golden Globes. Netflix is leading all other distributors with 17 nominations for Marriage Story, The Irishman, The Crown, and Unbelievable.

Netflix is dominating this year doubling the total nominations of Sony Pictures who is the second most nominated film distributor and edging out HBO in the world of TV. with 17 nominations compared to HBO’s 15. The world of streaming as a whole had a huge year with 30 total nominations between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+. In film there was no competition for Netflix. This year Netflix got 3/5 noms for best motion picture drama category, 3/5 noms in the best screenplay motion picture category, and 3/5 noms in the best actor in a supporting role category. Netflix has tremendous momentum going into this award season. If these nominations turn into wins this may mark a change of the guard as streaming may topple premium and network television.

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