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New Bourne Film In The Works.

It was recently announced that a new Bourne film is currently in development. This revelation was sparked by Treadstone, the Bourne prequel TV series based on Operation Treadstone prior to Jason Bourne's involvement.

The news of the new Bourne film was announced by Ben Smith producer of the Bourne films as well as the upcoming series Treadstone.

“I mean we are definitely working on another film. What we’re doing within that? Will there be connected tissue in therm of are we all existing within the same world and universe? Absolutely. The details of that are still under wraps."

As of now there is no word on if Matt Damon will reprise his role as Jason Bourne. We could possibly get a film similar to The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner; introducing another character from the program that produced Jason Borne.

Smith has stated that the events that take place in upcoming series Treadstone will be concurrent to the events of the new film hinting at a prequel film.

Whatever direction they decide to go; expanding the Bourne universe and characters should help the franchise continue to grow. Treadstone will premier October 15 on the USA Network.


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