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New Mutants to premiere on Disney plus? NEW trailer and release date inside!

After months and months of release ate changes we think that Disney has finally decided exactly how they plan to move forward with the release of Fox's New mutants film and with a released.

Twitter account MCU Cosmic reports that a user on Reddit captured a trailer for New Mutants on Disney+ claiming that the movie would be streaming on September 4th. The trailer could possibly be fake, so we’ll have to wait and see, but if it is a fake it’s done very well. It looks like the Disney+ promos, and it makes sense for them to finally release New Mutants if theaters are going to remain closed for a long time.

The trailer is similar to this TV spot, however it’s edited differently and includes some shots that weren’t in other trailers; including a new angle of the infra-red image of Danielle Moonstar on a monitor. A version of that shot was in a previous trailer, but this one is at a different angle. The trailer appears to be from Australia, and it’s not uncommon for things like this to leak internationally.

Rumors are that the New Mutants panel at SDCC@Home on Thursday could announce a streaming date as opposed to its original August 28th theatrical release.

So what do you all think? Real or Fake?

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