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This week has been a monster week for Disney/Marvel with the reveal of 2 of their most anticipated trailers Captian Marvel's trailer #2 and then Avengers: End Game aka Avengers 4.

Another trailer said to be released this week [Today if we want to be specific] was Spiderman: Far from home. Sony/Marvel's Sequel to their 2016 collaboration. Today those plans have changes out of nowhere.

Despite all the excitement built up this week with Captain Marvel, Avengers: End Game, and even the early pre screenings of Spiderman: into the spiderverse in theaters this weekend, Marvel will not be releasing a trailer via the internet for Spiderman: Far from home today.

Now it has however still premiered over seas today at CCXP [Comic Con Experience] in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we have all the juice for you!

Check out this exclusive footage from CCXP today. This clip features Tom Holland [Spiderman] Jack Gyllenhaal [Mysterio] and Jacob Batalon [Ned]

Ok so here's what we took away from this segment.


1. The trailer doesn’t give us a specific timeline.

2. No mention of Avengers: Infinity war or Avengers: End Game.

3. Spiderman/Peter Parker is trying to vacation from his hero persona while on a school field trip.

4. Mysterio will appear to be a “good guy” at first having some sort of relationship with Spiderman, before becoming the main villain of the film. Completely different from his comic origin, but let’s se how this plays out.

5. Samuel L. Jackson returns as Nick Fury in now a mentor “Tony Stark“ type role.

6. We also see Peter and Michelle’s [Played by Zandaya] relationship grow.

7. There is also a scene of Peter in his Spider-Man suit while hugging his aunt May. Which would suggest that she possibly knows about his secre identity, a follow up to the post credit scene In Spiderman: Homecoming. We already know that it’s Marvel style to do away with secret identities in the MCU. They have since that infamous improvisational line from Tony, “I am Iron Man” at the end of the first Iron Man film.

8. There are atleast 2 new Spiderman suits in this film. One is tailored after the late Steve Ditko design from the comics, with a more red/black look or a darker blue we can’t tell. The other is call the “Stealth suit” which comes in an all black/tactical design and as you saw, has a secret purpose in the film that even Tom Holland couldnt slip out.

Overall what do you all think? Are you as excited for the trailer as you are for the film?

There isnt any confirmation on when the trailer will actually hit the internet but a reliable Marvel source predicts that it could be as soon as next Thursday, possibly Friday. Again nothing is confirmed. BUT we’ll keep you updated.

Spiderman: Far From Home hits theaters 3 moths after Avengers: End Game on July 5th 2019

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