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To the delight of Star Wars fans, additional Star Wars content may soon be on the horizon. Rumors have been buzzing that there is a possibility of shows developing for Disney+ centered around major characters from the Star Wars universe. For this to become a reality it will most likely depend on the success of two series set to premier on the streaming platform The Mandalorian and a spin-off for Rogue One’s Cassian Andor.

Several major and minor characters have been rumored to be considered for a potential series, going more in depth into their character and stories. As of now young Princess Leia, Sith Lord Darth Bane, First Order’s Captain Phasma, and The Knights of Ren are potentially in the running for a series. The Knights of Ren are particularly interesting as fans wanted a glimpse of the knights in the last two Star Wars releases. There is no guarantee we will see them in the next release so a series is a perfect way to fill that void. A series on a Younger Princess Leia is also very compelling as she has been an integral character in Star Wars cannon and her cameo in Rouge One pleasantly surprised viewers. A series on her dealings with the early development of the rebellion will most likely be a welcomed sight. None of these shows are set in stone, but it looks as if Disney+ has ambitious goals to be a major player in the world of streaming and the development of these shows would certainly help get it there.


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