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NO R-rated content for Disney+

It has been confirmed during Disney’s bi-annual event D23 over this past weekend, that Disney will NOT be streaming any R Rated content on their new streaming service.

According to entertainment writer Eric Vespe on Twitter, the representative said Disney+ “will all be PG-13 or softer.” Asked if Disney’s newly acquired library of “harder edge” Fox content would be made available on Hulu, where Disney owns a majority stake, the rep called that a “good assumption,” Vespe wrote.

It was learned over the weekend Disney pulled the plug on Book of Enchantment, an original Disney+ series inspired by Disney’s line of Villains-branded books centered around iconic Disney foes like Maleficent and Ursula. According to Deadline, who broke the news, executives balked when it became obvious the series was “going into a darker direction than anticipated.”

The dark tone clashed with the overall family-friendly aim of Disney+, which comes with an option for customers to engage a kids-only version. It’s why Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight series — also unveiled by Disney over the D23 weekend — is anticipated to be more in line with the studios’ theatrical fareover the more adult-oriented Daredevilor The Punisher, shows backed by Marvel Television that originally aired on Netflix.

What do you all think? Should Disney cater to a more mature audience or save the darker content for one of their other platforms. Maybe FX? Let us know in the comments.

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