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#NYCC 'Bloodshot' Director Dave Wilson & Executive Producer Dinesh Shamdasani on casting Vin Diesel

This years New York Comic Con 2019 was not short of many surprises, but nothing was more surprising than when we had the opportunity to chat with none other than Director Dave Wilson and Executive Producer/ Valiant Comics former CEO Dinesh Shamdasani of Sony Pictures "Bloodshot" movie starring Vin Diesel.

Eternal Warrior #4 [1992] Valiant Comics

Bloodshot is based on Valiant Comics character of the same name. Diesel plays marine Ray Garrison and after he and his wife are murdered, Garrison is resurrected by a team of scientists. Enhanced with nanotechnology, he becomes a superhuman, biotech killing machine - Bloodshot. First appearing in Valiant Comic's The Eternal Warrior #4, Bloodshot, has become one of the best selling Valiant characters with total sales in all languages approaching seven million comics.

We at CritiX had an opportunity to talk all things 'Bloodshot' with Dave and Dinesh, who had quite a bit to share about the upcoming film! Check out our conversation below.

Both had a ton to say about Vin and the film, but when asked about when the official trailer would be released, mums was the word. Executive Producer and former CEO of Valiant Comics Dinesh was kind enough to playfully drop us an unofficial hint though.

"I don't know man, all I can say is I'm very excited for Arnold and Terminator: Dark Fate. Im gonna be there. I suggest you guys are there too."

We assumed that this was insinuating that the first 'Bloodshot' trailer would be shown during the release of 'Terminator: Dark Fate' which hits theaters November 1st 2019. Then early this morning to our surprised a teaser to the official release of the first trailer was released via the Bloodshot Instagram.

Thats right folks, wait no further, your first glimpse of the 'Bloodshot' trailer will be Monday October 21st 2019 and trust us CritiX you definitely want to see this with your own eyes!

'Bloodshot' hits theaters February 21st, 2020!

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