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Ok Funko fans, “Baby Yoda” is on his way to a store shelf not too far far away!

It was only a matter of time before the fandom had its way. the real star of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda, has been funko’d and ready to hit shelves sooner than you think!

The official Funko blog has just revealed our first look at the company’s big, bobble-headed take on the baby—a.k.a. officially known as “The Child” The Baby Yoda Pop Vinyl won’t depict the Mandalorian’s lil’ charge in his egg-like floating crib seen in the first three episodes of the series, however, but standing tall on the traditional Star Wars platform as all Star Wars Funko Pops do and lifting one arm as he calls upon the power of the Force.

The Child Pop will be available in two forms, a standard 3.75-inch figure available wherever Funko Pops are sold and a second version that will tower over it at 10 inches tall. Which is, for now, the closest we’ll have to a life-sized Baby Yoda toy until those inevitably start getting made next year.

The Baby Yoda Funko will hit store shelves sometime in “early spring,” which is far enough away for you to mentally prepare for the people who absolutely will fight each other in store aisles to get their mitts on this fella like they’re all members of the Bounty Hunter Guild.

Disney has also announced that more toys from other licensees based on Baby Yoda will be hitting shelves in Spring 2020. First up is Mattel’s lifesize, 11-inch-tall Baby Yoda plush, which has a vinyl head and hands to replicate his alien skin texture:

It’ll be $25, and is currently available for preorder on ShopDisney for an currently estimated April 1, 2020 release date.

‘The Mandalorian‘ is a tv series based on the popular Star Wars Saga created by George Lucas. New episodes stream every week on Fridays via the new Disney+ app.

So what do you think? Are you all excited to get your hands on The Mandaloria’s “Baby Yoda”? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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