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P. Diddy Ends The Strike Dressed As "The Darkest Knight"!

Bad Boy Entertainment CEO, P. Diddy has banned from portraying The Joker character by Warner Bros. served a cease and desist letter to the mogul for dressing up as The Joker and producing a well directed short film low-key promoting his liquor Delon, last Halloween.

This year Diddy took it further after making threats during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel last night. Diddy seemed a bit disrespected that someone even took the time to address his attempt at having a good time showing his Halloween spirit. "TOMORROW, Warner Bros. Legal, watch what I do".

And oh boy did he do it! Here's a glimps at P. Diddy as The Darkest Knight taking as stand.

They say you either die a hero. Or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And if that's what it takes to stand up to oppression, break the system.

Diddy is clearly sticking it to Warner Bros. and the other Hollywood Studios in the best possible way. He even managed to do an even better job this year than last years Joker bit. Our take away is that these studios should have bigger fish to fry by working on the proper agreements needed between the actors etc., rather than sending out copyright infringement forms to celebrities for simply paying homage to the character IP's they love.

Tell us what did you think of P. Diddy as The Darkest Knight?


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