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We are less than one day away from the release of Warner Bros.' live action 'Detectve Pikachu' and fans are super excited as they await the return of their childhood being relived on the big screen! So Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds decided to grant the fans an early treat.

Earlier, a Twitter account by the name Inspector Pikachu posted a supposed leak titled "POKÉMON Detective Pikachu -- FULL MOVIE --" The same video was also uploaded on to youtube under the same name. Details of where this video came from were unknown until a simple watermark across the screen gave the gag away!

The watermark reads "R. Reynolds". Thats right folks! Jokes on us. The film starts off very convincing with the opening marque of Warner Bros Studios and Legendary films. It then sets us up with Justice Smith walking through the streets of Rhyme City, when all of a sudden the scene switches to Pikachu dancing in what looks like a fitness studio. This proceeds to go on for an hour and a half long.

Take a look:

Reynolds took to social media as if he didn't understand what was happening trying to alert the studio, tagging Warner Bros and main Detective Pikachu twitter pages. Can Ryan keep a gag going or what?

It got even more hilarious when a fan noticed something pretty familiar about those snazzy dance moves by Pikachu, stating that it was recreating one her favorite Key & Peele skits. This then caught the attention of the 'Get Out/Us' director Jordan Peele who immediately took it directly to the source! Jokingly of course.

It seems like everyone has a soft spot for good marketing no matter how much we get trolled and fans are even more excited for the released of 'Detective Pikachu' with more than 22k retweets of a supposed leak, 55k likes and well over 8 million views on youtube, this should be a pretty decent opening weekend for the Poke'mon franchise!

'Detective Pikachu' hits theaters everywhere this Friday May 10th!


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