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Scream 6: Courtney Cox Confirms Her Return As Gale Weathers!

Today on the "Just For Variety" Podcast, while talking about her latest project Shining Vale, Courtney Cox spoke as though she's all set to return as the hard and fashionable reporter Gale Weathers in the already green-lit Scream 6.

Host, Marc Malkin exchanged words with Cox, as she talked about returning for the fifth installment and was flat out asked by Malkin " When do you start shooting this sequel to the reboot" which Cox replied "I just got the script yesterday".

She continued:

And I haven't read it yet. I just got it and, I'm so used to getting you know scripts that are like 26 pages and I'm like, wow I got to read that script! Any way I'm excited to read it. I know they're going to start filming I think in June in Canada.

After which she catches herself the says:

I don't know am I suppose to say anything?

Then she giggles it off, jokingly mocking herself about revealing the killer.

So this is basically a clear cut confirmation that Courtney Cox knows way too munch to not be officially returning as this beloved character.

What do you all think? Is Courtney Cox returning as Gale Weathers for Scream 6 and does this mean Sidney Prescott herself, Neve Campbell will be returning as well?

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