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#SDCC Comic-Con@Home DAY 1 begins TODAY with IGN Live!

Comic-Con@Home on IGN Live officially starts TODAY with a curated line-up of exclusive live streamed panels, interviews, trailer and news breakdowns, expert analysis, and more.


Watch Here:


GeekEd: Watchmen and the Cruelty of Masks | 4:00 - 4:50PM PST

HBO's Watchmen put forth the idea that "masks make one cruel.” On college campuses, many people, both students and non-students, have taken up virtual masks to make statements and take actions that would not be acceptable if done in public. Zoom bombing, doxing, and anonymous threats have caused much dismay, particularly as campuses move to remote learning due to COVID-19. Come hear what educators have to say about the power of masks and how Watchmen and other comics show us a path towards heroism or villainy. Panelists include Dr. Kalenda Eaton (University of Oklahoma), Dr. David Surratt (University of Oklahoma), Hailey Lopez (UC Berkeley), Robert Hypes (Phoenix Creative Collective), and Alfred Day (UC Berkeley).

For the complete schedule with all 34 Comic-Con@Home official panels and additional content, please visit:

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