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Updated: Mar 3

Film: Small Foot

Starring: Channing Tatum,

Zendaya Lebron James, James Corde, Gina Rodriguez, Ely Henry, Danny Devito

Director: Karey Kirkpatrick

Review by: Mark Diaz

Rating: 4.5X out of 5 X's

The myth of the abominable snowman, said to live in the highest parts of the Himalayas, a large hairy mysterious creature, is no longer a myth. Smallfoot leaves big footprints with this inspiring animated feature about the revelation of life's truths in a world full of lies. The "Yeti's" live by ancient rules enscribed on stones worn by the yeti chief "Stone Keeper" voiced by Common. The story follows "Migo" a Yeti voiced by Channing Tatum who discovers a real life human that the stones say do not exist. Banished from the mountains for going against the stones belief, Migo decides he must find the smallfoot and prove to the village their existence. He teams up with characters voiced by #LebronJames, #Zendaya, #GinaRodriguez, #ElyHenry and the small foot himself Percy (#JamesCorden). Small foot takes you on a larger than life adventure of discovery that will open your mind, tackling self doubt in search for the truth possibly even leaving you to question your own beliefs. The careful execution of this movie manages to keep you laughing hysterically while still maintaining a strong message in the film. This is one kids movie we didn't know we needed! Giving us those 90s Disney movie vibes we all long forgot about. Big ups to Warner Bros for putting so much thought and effort into this story. Based off the book Yeti Tracks, Small Foot delivers with visuals, excellent humor, memorable characters and a fun filled amazing story you won't soon forget. Critix gives it 4.5X out of 5X.

Check out Small Foot below:

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