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The Nacelle Company Gives First Look of their upcoming Robo Force line!

With The Nacelle Company (The studio behind Netflix's The Toys That Made Us & The Movies That Made Us, I personally LOVE THOSE!) jumping into Toys, They have revealed the first wave of their Robo Force Line. Robo Force is an OG Toy line from the 1980's. These figures will be 7.5 inch and priced at $49.99.

Right here we have Max Steele (Silver and blue) and Wrecker (Yellow). These will be available for Pre-Order On April 22nd on These Robo Force figures look NICE!! I've been wanting to jump into the retro toys for a while and I love how The Nacelle Company managed to keep that retro feel to them while putting a new age flavor on them as well.

Listen, That Max Steele immediately caught my eyes! Love the look! Shout out to Brian Volk-Weiss and the rest of the Nacelle team.

In 2021, Nacelle Company announced its acquisition of the beloved 80s franchise,

Robo Force, with plans to reintroduce the characters through a television series, books

and other lifestyle products. Now, less than a year later, the company is revealing the

first images of the Robo Force action figure line created by renowned toy designer,

David Vonner. Painstaking detail was used to make sure that Robo Force’s rich history

should be taken seriously, yet updated with modern aesthetics meant to broaden the


What you guys think?

-Mayhem Maddness


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