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The Silence Of The Lambs Spin-Off In The Works For CBS.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Clarice, the follow up to the 1991 Oscar-winning The Silence of the Lambs is officially in the works and is set to premier on CBS for 2020-2021. The role of FBI agent Clarice that was so brilliantly portrayed by Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs film is being taken over by Rebecca Breeds for the upcoming series. Clarice is said to be set in 1993, six months after the events of The Silence of the Lambs.

The show will focus on Clarice’s work as an FBI agent and the cases she is assigned to. One can assume the cases will be high profile with her investigating serial killers and sexual predators, similar to the Buffalo Bill case where she worked with Hannibal Lecter to solve the case. The upcoming show Clarice has huge shoes to fill with it essentially being a follow up to the classic film of the 90s. As of now there are few details with more hopefully to emerge as the year progresses.

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