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"The Texas Chainsaw" is said to be getting rebooted AGAIN.

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

It seems that they (as in Hollywood) isn't quite through with a certain horror franchise. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is headed your way AGAIN. Bloody Disgusting broke the news, which comes with the highly intriguing tidbit that Fede Álvarez, director of Don’t Breathe and the 2013 Evil Dead remake, will be attached as a producer. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is an odd duck and has been since Tobe Hooper’s original slasher masterpiece debuted in 1974. Since then, there’s been seven sequels, prequels, and remakes starring the saw-happy Leatherface and his psychotic family of killers, varying in quality from pretty garbage (Texas Chainsaw 3D, hard yikes!) to pretty good (the 2003 remake is good, please @ me!) along the way. Before Lionsgate released the prequel film Leatherface in 2017, the franchise rights had reverted to Kim Henkel, co-writer of the original and director of 1994’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. But the BD report notes that Henkel closed this deal with Legendary, who are looking to develop a direct sequel to Hooper’s 1974 film à la Universal’s 2018 money-printing-machine Halloween. That’s not the worst trajectory for the franchise—especially given Halloween‘s mega-success—and although BD stresses this isn’t a directing vehicle for Alvarez, having the Uruguayan filmmaker attached at all is a positive sign. Back in 2013, I never thought anyone not named Sam Raimi could remake an Evil Dead movie, but Alvarez’s take is a shockingly good blood-bath, and one that—if the un-followed-up post-credits scene was a sign—was a sneak sequel to the original as well. What do you think, more Texas Chainsaw or leave the franchise alone?


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