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Vin Diesel says Fast 9 trailer release will be announced this week!

Last year series star Vin Diesel took to social media to announce that he intended to see the franchise through to two decades and ten films. This means (if that idea continues to hold strong) that Fast and Furious 9 may mark the second to last installment in the franchise -- or at least pave the way for an eventual reboot/reinvention of the property.

But last night Vin also took to instagram to address the fans about more excitement Fast 9 news! Check it out below.

“Will announce this week when the trailer of Fast 9 will drop!”

That’s right folks Dominic Torretto himself told us that the official trailer to Fast & The Furious 9 is closer to dropping than we think.

Justin Lin of Tokyo Drift and Fast 6 will return to direct the 9th installment.

With most of its original cast returning as well as a rumored “Walker brother“ Cody has been said to be reprising the role as Brian for the late Paul Walker. Charlize Theron will also return as Cipher. No further word about wether or not she will return as a villain or an ally. You know how the Furious franchise loves to shake things up.

The unofficial title Fast 9 hits theaters May 22, 2020 But are you excited for the Fast 9 trailer!?

Let ya know in the comments CritiX!


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