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Will Smith discusses how he was able to "go there' in dramatic scene with the late James Avery.

Early this week on 'The Breakfast Club' while on the press tour along side co-star Martin Lawrence, Will Smith was asked about the infamous scene he shared with the late great James 'Uncle Phil' Avery.

The scene, which has been noted as the start of Will's career as a legit actor, titled "Papa's got a brand new excuse' shows Smith's estranged father, played by Ben Vereen, bailing out on Will one last time after promising to spend the weekend with him. The scene is both emotional and powerful at the same time. Below you can see Will explaining how he was able to "go there" and reach a level of emotion on set that he had never done before. Check it out:

Smith goes on to give most of the credit to Avery's coaching, for not only said scene but throughout his career.

"For me it's been a massive acting journey hugely on the back of his teaching, and his urging for me to always go deeper".

Will Says.

That James Avery. He will be greatly missed.

To see the full Breakfast club Interview and or The Fresh Prince Of Belair scene Will is referring to, click below!

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