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A Blue's Clues Movie Is On Its Way To Paramount+

Yesterday on Twitter, the Nick Jr. account wrote, "Whose clues? Blue's Clues! 💙 The crew's headed to the Big Apple in a new movie, Blue's Big City Adventure, coming this year to @paramountplus."

Thats right! Blue's Clues is getting a brand new movie, which will team up Blue, Steve, Joe and Josh, streaming later this year.

During Paramount's big showcase today, the company announced Blue's Big City Adventure alongside a lot of their children's content. Blue will join other family favorites like Paw Patrol, Dora, and Baby Shark on Paramount+.

Steve, Joe and Josh will be alongside their friend as they help her navigate this new world on the streaming service.

So far Paramount has primarily focused on nostalgia and family friendly content on the app since it its launched in 2021. Their reboot of Rugrats has already won some awards and legacy content continues to pay dividends for the grow-up side of things too.


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