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Breakfast Club-ish 'The Class' starring Anthony Michael Hall and Debbie Gibson Gets First Trailer!

A heartwarming coming-of-age drama, THE CLASS follows a group of a high school students forced to spend Saturday completing a failed or missed final exam—and learning about the values, betrayals, and love within themselves and their classmates along the way. This homage to The Breakfast Club will open in select theaters (listed below) and will also be available to rent/purchase on all major digital platforms.

Check out the first trailer below:

The Class is written and directed by Nicholas Celozzi and stars Charlie Gillespie, Lyric Ross, Hannah Kepple, Colin McCalla, Juliette Celozzi, Michael Sebastian, John Kapelos, Debbie Gibson, Anthony Michael Hall Executive Produced by Paul E. Noack, Lisa Noack, Freddy Braidy, Bob French, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ryan C. Humphreys.

Look out for it in select theaters and digital Friday, September 9th!


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