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Cobra Kai: Season 5 [Review]

Series: Cobra Kai: Season 5

Starring: Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Courtney Henggeler, Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Mary Mouser, Jacob Bertrand, Gianni Decenzo, Vanessa Rubio, Peyton List, Martin Kove, Dallas Dupree Young, Yuji Okumoto, Thomas Ian Griffith

Streaming: Netflix

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 3.5 X’s out of 5X’s

Cobra Kai Season 5 proves once again that kickin’ ass never goes out of style. While continuing to combine the best team us, rivalries and adolescent drama, this season stands all on its own building higher stakes leading into another satisfying and climatic face off!

In the fifth season, after John Kreese went down by the hands of Daniel Larusso, Cobra Kai is now under new management by non other than Terry Silver. Refusing to just let it go, Daniel with the help of Chozen, plots to make sure that Silver’s teachings never bleed outside of the streets of the Valley, keeping children safe from the way of the Cobra.

The creators of the series have found their niche and it seems almost impossible for them to drop the ball. The storyline dwells away from the gray area that other seasons have had so much fun playing in. This time, who the villains are is very clear. Are they too far gone to be saved? Better yet, do they even want to be saved?

Thomas Ian Griffith returns as the unhinged, yet powerful, Terry Silver and is exactly the wake up call the series needs to keep you engaged and away from karate fatigue. You want to root for the good guy, but stakes this season getting higher and higher each episode. We merely only got taste of Terry Silver in Karate Kid films. In season 5, the real pain has begins in what I’m calling a direct sequel to Karate Kid 3. And yes, you should keep an eye out for familiar faces.

Another take away this season is that floats heavily around the adults. Outside of Torry, Kenny, Miguel & Robbie, the kids only play a part in the overall rivalry plot, but it’s the world building and connective tissue around Johnny, Carmen, Chozen, Daniel and Amanda, even Terry Silver, that are the foundation of most episodes.

Overall, Cobra Kai season 5 sticks the landing by opening doors we’ve never peeked behind through flashbacks, team ups and face offs we never thought we’d ever seen on screen. Meanwhile some students challenge their beliefs while others reach their full potential!

Cobra Kai may never die.


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