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Jim Carrey Speaks Up About Will Smith "He Should Have Been Escorted Out"

Yesterday Gayle King of CBS Mornings spoke with Actor/Comedian Jim Carrey about the actions of Will Smith during the Oscars and what his thoughts were on the situation. Carrey, who was initially on a press run for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog 2, spoke up calmly saying he believes Smith “should have been escorted out”.

King, while speaking with New York Times journalists and hosts of the podcast "Still Processing," Jenna Wortham, expressed that this was merely a follow up question and that Carrey did not reach out to specifically call Will out on his behavior.

See Carrey's full statement below:

For the past three days, the Will Smith “incident” has overshadowed the main stream media with millions of divided insight about weather or not Smith’s actions were justifiable or not. Now the discussion remains to be what will the Academy do to rectify this behavior.

It doesn’t seem like this topic is going away anytime soon, so while it’s still in the air, are you over it? Or is this a serious matter that deserves our attention?

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What a bunch of pussies these Hollywood "unions" are. Dude insulted the man's wife on live tv, Smith slaps the bitch and tells him to take his wife's name out of his mouth. End of. SLAPS him. No punch, no wrestling. I'd have done the same.

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