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McFarlane DC Multiverse 'Ghostmaker' [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Before I jump into this review, I have to give a HUGE shout out to McFarlane and McFarlane Toys for being the first toy company to take on this AMAZING character.

Ghostmaker was created by Jorge Jiménez and James Tynion IV. He made his debut appearance in Batman #100 and then made his full appearance in Batman #102. Before Bruce Wayne would become the Dark Knight we all know he met Ghostmaker as they both studied with the same sensei's and mentors around the world.

Minhkhoa Khan set out to be a crime fighter after his parents ,who were wealthy business owners in the export industry in Singapore, were physically threatened into selling their company. Ghostmaker's brand of crime fighting comes down to basically: you mess up bad enough, and ill kill you for it, lol. Which opposes Batman's never take a life moto.

This character has been becoming one of my favorite new characters and I had to lay out the red carpet for Ghostmaker. This figure is AMAZING. The sculpt on him is extremely detailed. From the armor to the added straps, this figures was put together very well. I appreciate that McFarlane Toys didn't just sculpt all of the body accessories on top of this mold but gave them there own sculpt an added them to this body mold. The cape was a nice touch adding the neck "hanging scarf ascot thing" (that's what I'm calling it until I can get a better name lol) especially to mimic how this is drawn in the comic you have to give McFarlane Toys props. It gives depth to the costume. I've been a huge fan of the combination of black and white when put together and now thinking of it, this maybe another reason I really like this character. The armor pieces are a nice smoke metallic grey and looks great on top of the Black and white.

With accessories we don't get much an that's OK with me. We get Ghostmaker's 2 katanas. One long and another a lil shorter. The basic ninja-ish set up. We could have used a lil dry brushing but not a problem. McFarlane Toys added the baggy ninja pants that are well known with Ghostmaker. Articulation is the basic McFarlane Toys articulation you would get on any character an this is a little bit of a down size. Ghostmaker being a ninja I would have loved to see some thigh cuts on him to make posting just a little more sweet. I maybe even see a few customizers adding their own cuts to this figure themselves. This is a really nice figure an displays really well to along side any Dc Multiverse Batman or even alone.

This figure is AMAZING and that maybe me being bias as a Batman fan but dc fans are slowly becoming fans of this Vigilante crime fighter themselves. McFarlane Toys knocked this guy out the park! Again, BIG PROPS to McFarlane Toys on this one!!

I'll be doing a more in-depth video review as I feel being a brand new character and McFarlane Toys being the first company to make a figure he definitely deserves that so stay tuned an on the look out for that dropping soon.


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