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Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Recap! [Breakdown, Spoilers & Season 3 Speculation]

Last night was the shocking finale of Power Book II: Ghost [Season 2] and although there were a few major losses this season, it still landed on a hopeful ending by bring back one familiar face. Possible spoilers ahead, so beware.

Before we dive deep into the spoilers, Power creator Courtney Kemp had this to say to Deadline about the journey of the characters in Book II.

“Look, there’s a lot in this show that is about family trauma and it’s about the perpetuation of family trauma,”

Courtney Kemp continued,

“You see Tariq trying to end the cycle by getting his sister back to their mom. You see Tariq trying to be a better version of himself which is really following in his father’s footsteps a different way,”

We here at CritiX, teamed up with Big Gold Belt Media, to recap the intense second season to break down and deep dive into a spoiler-ish and speculative conversation with the fans. We also touched on key moments from the premiere of the all-new spin-off, Power Book IV: FORCE.

Check it out below:

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