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#SDCC2020 New Mutants NOT going to Disney+ but still shoots for summer release date!

The New Mutants Comic-Con At Home Panel went down without a hitch and also without any mention of a Disney Plus release. A few days ago one Reddit user posted what appeared to be a Disney Plus official trailer for The New Mutants film due to stream in September.

The good news is, although it wont be releasing on the streaming service in September, a new date was announced in a new trailer revealed during the panel. Within the trailer they also poked a little fun at all the date changes up until today, give you the opening of the film, a lot of the main plot and a ton of new footage.

The movie is a spinoff of sorts focusing on young mutants in the X-Men universe like Wolfsbane (Maisie Williams), Magik (Anya Taylor-Joy), and Cannonball (Charlie Heaton) being kept in a facility that may or may not be a prison. The film was made to be more of a horror twist on the X-Men movies, albeit with a young cast at its center.

Heres what Director Josh Boone [The Fault In our Stars, The Stand] had to say about the upcoming film.

“I think it’s 98 minutes or something like that. It was never more than 104 even at its longest. I remember my initial cut before we cut anything out was probably 20 minutes longer than that, but you’ll see all that on the special features – we put together all the deleted scenes for everybody. It was more just stuff that was too funny or tonally just didn’t quite go together, but it’s cute character moments that I think fans will like.”

You can check out the entire virtual panel and new trailer here.


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