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“Transformers” Reboot Will Be A Heist Movie Set In South America?

Six films in and the studios aren’t ready to hang up the already successful, hunk of robotic nostalgia.

Michael Bay directed the original series of films before the franchise took a new direction in 2018. It was the sixth installment in the franchise, Directed by Matt Travius, which focused on Optimus Prime’s second, Bumblebee.

It was then announced in November of 2020, that the franchise’s next installment would take steps forward. Steve Caple Jr., Dirc Director of Creed II, was brought in to revamp the franchise. Much is unknown, but Illuminerdi reports news worth talking about.

The working title of thie film is said to be Transformers: Beast Alliance, which sounds undeniably close to the 90’s show Beast Wars: Transformers. So, will we be seeing a different version of the iconic Autobots and Decepticons, who’ve embraced some more animalistic designs?

It has also been revealed that the film continues the timeline set-up by the Bumblebee film. They say it will be like a heist film, where our titular heroes will travel from Brooklyn to South America in the 1990s.

A heist film with Transformers in South America? Yea we’d have to see it to believe it.

How are you all felling about another Transformers film? Are you excited about a possible live action Beast Wars, or are you still waiting to see those original designs that we got a peek of in 2018’s BumbleBee?

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